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love is always welcome... especially in times of trouble =)


The last photo is very sweet. They look like they are having a lot of fun.


I like the series you do, been coming in here for a couple of weeks now (finally found the comments box) so posting up a comments. Nice work. Keep the images coming :)


keep posting the love series...kinda cool down the political problems :-P btw great colors series , really lovely billboard:-)


Wonderful serie. I like the first one.


sigh....anything about Phils. is sheer romance..the beach, the music, the movies, the man!;)


the valentine fever still on - well, thats nice..
i liked the quote on poster - "i love the new you" n also, the third one is a great pic..


I prefer Jollibee than McDonald's.
I like it because it taste Filipino. I like it because it is Filipino


Love the couple in the last photo!


Today my favorite is the first one... The walls are speaking... of love, surely...


Yes, keep these coming as long as you have them, the world can only use more love.


Love is good when you have it. Right? Sweet photo at the bottom.


I love all photos!


Sidney sees the life pink ;o)


Good to see smiling faces during these hard times. Let's pray for peace!


I love all of the colors of the first photo. Cute couple on the last shot.

Chris Vallancourt

I wish you all the best in this time of turmoil. Peace.

maryanne moll

let it rip, sidney. after all, this country will never change. why do ou think i never comment on current events in my own blog? :)


I lived in Kathmandu just at the start of the maoist revolt. It is estimated that 12,000 have died since it started. It seldom makes any international news. It is frustrating to see a country you have an empathy with in any sort of turmoil and not be able to be part of a solution. Stick with the valentines theme in the mean time.


Unfortunately, there's not much each of us can do about what happens around us. Better not to worry too much, life goes on. Just keep shooting! :)


Tena koe ehoa
Yes the otherside to the coin of beauty that is the Phillipines is the political turmoil that rears its head from time to time. I hope that you remain safe through this period of time Sidney may the goodwill of man shine inwards upon you and the Phillipines. Like you have shined the beauty of the Phillipines outwards and upon us!


The colors of the town are wonderful.


I love the heart that says "Ich liebe dich. From Ich, To Dich"


another great series :)tnx sidney!

i really feel sad about whats happening in the philippines right now :( hope everythings gonna be fine ..soon!


we need these images to escape unfortunate reality

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